Mozilla and Async

Mozilla and Async working together to bring automated browser testing to the cloud. 

Over the past few months we have been working closely with the Web compatibility team at Mozilla to define the scope for a quite a large piece of work. We are now delighted to announce that this project has just kicked off. Hallvord Steen from Mozilla has blogged about the work previously numerous times on his own blog and on Mozilla’s official wiki.

Essentially we are helping Mozilla fix the internet! The project will provide the ability to run all types of automated browser tests in the cloud. It comes in two repos, one server side (Jannah) and client side (Boar). Both repos are open source (under Apache license).

Jannah is the master and hub of the architecture. It instantiates tabs (from within Boar) on request, manages resources (browser/VM performance), monitors errors while directing Boar(s) through a HTTP REST API. The intention is to have hubs in different geographic locations so that sites can be tested to determine difference in layout/content according to geographic location.

Boar (browse over a REST) is a wrapper around phantomjs and slimerjs that exposes a simple RESTful API to control the engines, and plugins (such as adblocking).  Boar can also be used standalone. It supports multiple backends (Webkit and Gecko) so that subtle differences between the two most common browser engines in page rendering can be detected with ease.



The repos are in their infancy but we do hope to attract the attention of many developers so as Jannah and Boar can grow organically to become healthy open source projects.