Here are just some of the technologies we work with.

ElasticSearch Amazon Web Services (AWS) Couchbase Node.js Go Google cloud

API design and development

Building and managing an API is a challenging process. Whether it's for internal or external clients, we can help augment your existing software infrastructure to allow more people to work with you, securely.

Cloud migrations

We understand the finer points between all the major cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud and DigitalOcean. We deliver cost savings and reliability improvements by selecting the right one for your businesses exacting needs.

Data mining

Whether it's your internal datasets or going out to external providers and the wider web, we know how to pull out important information and trends. We've built crawlers and scrapers before that process billions of pieces of information, using cutting edge technology such as PhantomJS, SlimerJS and more.

Message queues

Building reliable messaging across heterogeneous infrastructure can be essential to delivering cohesive solutions. We know the detail and can choose the best out of technologies such as Redis, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Azure Service Bus and AWS SQS to tie things together

Product scaling

A slow performing website or piece of business middleware can cost dearly. Our performance experts can come in and work with your existing team to pinpoint performance problems and scale to meet your current and future demand.


We know technologies like Lucene, Elasticsearch and Hadoop and know how to integrate them best with your existing or planned infrastructure.

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